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About Us

During the dot-com boom from 1997-2001, many companies evolved in the business world to make their mark with technology.  However, it was very noticeable that the education world lagged far behind business in hardware, software and training.  This imbalance was the impetus for the birth of SmartEDU, Inc.

Founded in 2000 in Lowell, MA, SmartEDU has served K-12 education institutions for over 15 years, with our innovative online software products, web/database design, custom software, and consulting services.  SmartEDU was founded by Mr. Thong Phamduy, a talented and innovative M.I.T graduate with over 20 years of experience working in the field of K-12 education. Our staff members are from diverse backgrounds, including: education, programming, sales & marketing, e-Commerce, operations management,  engineering,  information technology, and accounting.

Our corporate mission is to reduce the technological gap between education and business by empowering educators, district staff and administrators with user-friendly web-based tools and consultant services.   The premise is that by having access to these tools and services, work time will be made more efficient, less stressful and educators will be able to concentrate on their main focus – the development of their students.

With our innovative products, coupled with our emphasis on high quality customer service, SmartEDU has increased its customer base to four states with over a hundred school districts, small businesses and non-profit organizations as clients.

SmartEDU, Inc is a current member of Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce (GLCC), and has affiliations with the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS), the Rhode Island School Superintendents Association (RISSA), the RI Association of Business Officers (RIASBO), and the New Hampshire Association of School Administrators (NHSAA).

We are very proud of our reputation for: developing innovative tools, creating software that is easy-to-use, having an above average work ethic and maintaining  strong customer support.  Our clients’ success, and their high comfort level with our software, is our primary goal.

SmartEDU, Inc.
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