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View Demo Site SIMSViewer_PageLogo PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SIMSViewer is a Massachusetts SIMS Data Analysis Tool.  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has mandated that all students in the state have 52 data elements collected, three times a year, for statistical analysis purposes.  Although this is a very tedious job for school district data collectors, it is the first effort to standardize the content and format of student data throughout the state.  Recognizing that all Massachusetts schools create this data on a required and regular basis, SmartEDU has created our SIMSViewer product.  It has enabled data managers, and school administrators, to utilize their own SIMS data for district information analysis.

SIMSViewer clients are required  to do simple “second step” after they have submitted their 10/1, 3/1 and EOY data to the DOE.   The client sends the identical data files, in the same format as sent to the DOE) to SmartEDU through a secure FTP website.  The district then goes through a “setup process” where (1) the data is placed on our SSL encrypted server containing certification keys to insure client privacy, and (2) a link is created to allow the client to access their own data via the SIMSViewer program.  The beauty of this program is that the link may be placed on ANY Internet accessible computer in the client district.  This allows the data manager AND key data collectors and users throughout the district to enjoy access and querying capabilities of this information.

SIMSViewer gives you an online list of all the updated DOE field codes at your fingertips.  It also allows you one, two, or three parameter questioning of your data by simply filling in dropdown boxes with the field you desire to query.  Results are displayed in chart format allowing quick and understandable answers to daily statistical questions.   The chart data may be printed to your local printer, or it may be transferred into an excel spread spreadsheet for further manipulation.

The program contains two levels of use: (1) ADMINISTRATOR: access to all 52 elements including student names, LASIDs, and SASIDS, and (2) VIEWER: access to the statistical data only, (47 elements) with NO access to student identification of any kind.  This was done for privacy reasons, so all staff members, and even the public, could view and analyze the school data if desired.   Both levels are password protected.  The ADMINISTRATOR mode would only be given to key data administrators or trusted school officials.

The program itself was built to be extremely easy to use.  Manipulating SIMSViewer is very intuitive and allows the user to start using it as soon as they have seen it one time.   This is a great advantage over many of the cumbersome student information systems that may or may not have global accessibility by the district.

Benefits of using the SIMSViewer application:

  • SIMSViewer is an inexpensive solution to extending the capacities of your district’s student information system.
  • SIMSViewer requires no special re-formatting of the previously created student data.
  • SIMSViewer ensures that the student data is secure. A privacy contract is signed by both SmartEDU and the client to insure the data is not compromised in any way.  Also, once the data is setup for the district, it may not be changed or manipulated in any way.  This is a “read-only” application.
  • SIMSViewer is extremely easy of use. This opens up immediate use by key personnel throughout a district.
  • SIMSViewer takes the burden away from data managers for routine querying of student data and empowers the administrators, and specified staff members, to do their own analysis
  • SIMSViewer makes use of formerly static data that schools have already collected as required by the state. It turns “raw data” into “useful information”.

For more information and/or pricing on this product please contact:

Chuck Drayton, Director of New Business Development
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