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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SmartFACILITIES is a facilities management system for school districts.  Continuing with the philosophy that “easy to use” is good, an online calendar interface, displayed from your district website, allows efficient management of both internal faculty use, and external rental requests, for all your buildings’ facilities. An administrative setup area allows the primary manager to define:  buildings contained in the district, the specific facilities in each building, the building approval managers for each building, and other important reference values such as custodial pay rates, holidays, reservation times, etc. Rental use is tracked, invoices and permits are printed out online, and billing and approval processes are all automated.  Facility use is requested, and then managed, from ONE POINT on your website.  It simplifies the multi-faceted process of facilities management, making it streamlined and efficient.   Again, the application is very simple to use and priced very affordably.  SmartFACILITIES could be just right for your management needs. The SmartFACILITIES application:

  • displays from your district website though a calendar interface
  • manages both internal faculty use and external rental requests.
  • simplifies the processes of facility requests, reservations and/or rentals.
  • trains the faculty and the general public to use one convenient, online location to submit reservations.
  • allows the administrator to define district buildings, facilities, approval managers, custodial pay rates, holidays, reservation times, etc.
  • creates an approval process between principals and central office personnel
  • automates the tedious process of approval emails, invoices and permits.
  • streamlines the multi-faceted process of facilities management, making it convenient and efficient.
  • impresses users with its low cost and ease of use

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