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SmartEDU’s mission is to provide efficient, affordable, easy-to-use, web-based products and consulting services to educational and small business communities.  Below is the “quick-list” of our products with very brief descriptions.  For a more complete description of a specific product, click on the product titles below.

SmartPD – an online professional development management system that manages a district’s professional development program from one location online, from any computer in school or at home. The package offers: PDP/CEU certificates, PD program display, course listings, online course registration, administrative updating, IPDP module, instructor access, and much more.

SmartFACILITIES – a facilities management package for school districts.  Using an online calendar interface, the program allows efficient management of both internal faculty use, and external rental requests, for all buildings’ facilities.  Rental use is tracked, invoices and permits are printed out online, and the approval processes are all automated.

Maintenance Support System (MSS Help-Desk) – an easy to use, web-based “helpdesk” application designed to track maintenance issues/resolution, and to be a fast and efficient communication system between the maintenance director and the maintenance staff.  Records are kept on all maintenance issues reported.

Technology Support System (TSS Help-Desk)a cost effective online solution for tracking technology related problems (online help desk) and for keeping track of a district’s equipment inventories. TSS allows a Tech Director to quickly communicate issues to the proper personnel, quickly and efficiently.

SmartALUMNI – a program that keeps track of alumni records – names, addresses, occupations, interests, etc).  It allows past students to go to your district website and search, register or leave messages for classmates.  This program collects valuable alumni data for alumni associations, guidance departments, reunion committees, and for general alumni connectivity.

Online Approval Systems (SmartOAS) – This is a program that offers an “approval form” to be completed and submitted online.  It is then passed through chain of approving administrators in a specific order.  After final approval, a customized email notifies the submitter of the approval decision.  (Examples: Request for Leave, Request for Professional Day, Request for Part Time Position, Administrative Action Notice, Request for Substitute, etc.)

SIMSViewer – Recognizing that all Massachusetts schools are required to create and send 52 SIMS data elements to the DESE three times per year, SmartEDU has created SIMSViewer. This application enables data managers and school administrators to utilize their own SIMS data for quick and easy district analysis.

SmartCALENDAR – An easy-to-use application that allows multiple users to submit school events, club activities, sports events or facility usage to be displayed in a calendar format online. Separate calendars are purchased for each building, team, club, or organization, and a “district calendar” is part of the package, that merges all the data from the individual calendars into one place. Excellent for administrative scheduling needs.

Custom Web-Based Tools - Districts and companies have needs for online tools for data collection, storage and retrieval.  If your organization can describe the process that you need automated, SmartEDU can build it for you. Tools of this nature are good for teams needing a site to share data findings, or for people needing to leave multiple items for others to evaluate.  (Examples: Educational Job Search Tool, Executive Search Committee Tool, Customized Registrations for Organizations & Clubs).