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Customized Web-Based Tools


SmartEDU has been asked to develop many online tools that are unique to a district, Collaborative or Small Business. Many of our products originated out of custom projects from customers. Some projects that have been brought to us in the past:

  • Homework Central – a posting and dropbox location for students and their teachers
  • Executive Search Committee Tool – a resource for sharing candidate materials
  • Educator Job Search Tool – assisting teachers to look for jobs
  • SIMS Data Analysis Tool (Massachusetts) – using State collected data for the analysis
  • Alumni Data Collection – a program where classmates share contact information and messages

If you can describe the online tool you need to us, we can develop it for you. The process for determining the cost of these types of projects:

  1. Call/email SmartEDU to describe the online application you’d like developed.
  2. Email us any specific details we need to know that you’d like built into the program
  3. We will meet with you to discuss/verify your project
  4. SmartEDU will write up the details and send you a quote for work required.
  5. If the cost is agreeable, you send us your PO, and the project is initiated.


  • You’ll be creating something to be more efficient.
  • The tool will be customized to your specifications.
  • SmartEDU will collaborate with you to make your tool the best it can be.
  • It will save your staff time. Automation cuts back on
  • It will benefit your district in a way that you know only too well.
  • Our programming and detail specialists will make sure your happy with your new program.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

For more information and/or pricing on this product please contact:

Chuck Drayton, Director of New Products Development
Phone: 508-543-2804