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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  SmartPD is a professional development management system that allows all the parts of a district’s professional development program to be easily viewed from one online location.  Faculty members access this program from a link on their district website.  SmartPD is designed to adress all their professional development issues, needs and questions. SmartPD features include: interactive district policy pages, district workshop/course offerings, professional development day offerings, online registration, outside course approval, faculty PDP transcripts, highly qualified status management, class-list displays, class attendance sheets, administrative credit approval, and many other functions.  Optional features are available if needed in your district: an IPDP tool for faculty members to track recertification materials, a Course Evaluation feature, an automated Course Reminder Email feature for workshop participants, and an added password level to allow for instructor access. With a staff that’s comfortable using SmartPD, a district will have its entire district’s professional development information available to them in an efficient, well organized, and easy-to-access display. Advantages to using SmartPD in your district:

  • All district professional development materials are in one location for your staff
  • Professional development resources to be instantly accessible online
  • The online content is editable by your administrators. Website information and online content can be modified easily without having to go through a webmaster.
  • The application is very easy to use and roll out to a staff
  • The basic framework of the program is customized to the professional development processes now existing in your district
  • The program is web-based, so there is no need for additional hardware or software to be purchased by your district
  • SmartEDU takes great pride in its friendly, effective and efficient product support.

LIST OF OPTIONAL SMARTPD MODULES AVAILABLE: (these modules are not included with the standard SmartPD package)

  • Automated Email Reminder Module
  • Course sharing Tools feature
  • Evaluation Survey Module
  • Instructor Access Module
  • Facilitator Access Module (second instructor)
  • Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Module
  • Multiple Date Attendance Module
  • Multiple Point Approval Module
  • Salary Level Calculator Module
  • Substitute Teacher Module

Please note: this product has FOUR different versions to fit your professional development needs:

  1. SmartPD-Individual – for use in a single district only
  2. SmartPD-Collaborative – for use by a Collaborative and its staff – allows outsiders to create their own accounts
  3. SmartPD-Collaborative (with Member District Sharing) – allows member districts to all share courses with one another through the Collaborative. 
  4. SmartPD-Regional (with Multiple Collaborative Sharing) – allows all member districts of multiple Collaboratives to share courses using a SEARCH TOOL.

For more information and/or pricing on this product please contact:

Chuck Drayton, Director of New Business Development
Phone: 508-543-2804