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View Demo Site Maintenance Management System PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Maintenance Management System (MSS) allows all district maintenance issues to be reported from anywhere, and by anybody, in the district. The person assigned to the help desk receives the reported maintenance issues online and can quickly assign the tasks to their custodial/maintenance staff electronically. The custodial/maintenance staff resolve the problems, record what they’ve done, and statistics are kept on all work completed. MSS ADVANTAGE – DYNAMIC REPORTING TRANSLATES INTO DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT

  • Access the MSS application any time, 24/7, from any computer with Internet access
  • Eliminate paper and unproductive phone calls
  • MSS is intuitive, user friendly and efficient
  • MSS features four customizable levels of password protected functions:
    • Searching desired problem details by user, school name, maintenance issue, or date
    • Viewing open/closed status of any problem at any time
    • Viewing problem details as they are being completed
    • Reporting of issues in categories customized to the district.
    • Checking on the repair status of reported problems
    • Sending automated email notifications verifying the completion of repairs
    • Receiving/responding to maintenance issues
    • Recording all maintenance work done at all times
    • Researching past problem reports and solutions
    • Assigning tasks to maintenance staff members
    • Monitoring the performance of maintenance staff.
    • Identifying problem trends for school locations or issues
    • Monitoring and tracking reported issues dynamically, cumulatively and by location
    • Viewing/printing all issue data at any time for advanced searching or statistical analysis

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